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Miracle Cleaning Services’ main priority is to provide our clients with a complete and professional kitchen exhaust cleaning service that will avoid the risk of grease accumulation’s fire in the hood system.

We have been in business long enough to have come in contact with an extensive array of systems not only in cleaning, but in addition to upgrading (at the customer's request) those systems that might not fulfill the NFPA 96 compliance.

About Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Our company is certified by the Phil Ackland's Certification Program, which is working in accordance with the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) standards for cleanliness.

As Certified Inspectors we will conduct an inspection of your system prior to your decision to choose us as your hood cleaning company at no charge. If you choose us to do your cleanings we will provide you with a follow -up report of the condition of your system. Also if at any time you feel that your system might have any problems you can certainly call us and we will check your system at no extra charge.

Our cleaning techniques for Kitchen hood cleaning avoid seal damage and over spray on your kitchen, by using foaming techniques and low pressure rinsing. You can rest assured that after we are finished with our work and are out of your facility everything will be as you left it ready for business the next day.

All of our services including vent a hood cleaning in Fort Worth and Dallas are satisfaction guaranteed.

For more information about our cleaning services including pressure washing in Fort Worth and surrounding counties, call us today.
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