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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Specialist:

We offer complete cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system including duct, fans, and vent a hood cleaning in Fort Worth. Miracle Cleaning Services assures you that all of your equipment under the hood will be completely covered, as well as all other exposed items in work area. All of our waste materials are discharged according to environmental procedures requirements. As part of our Kitchen hood cleaning services we polish your hood. Finally, but not less important, when we leave your facility, the entire working area will be left clean ready for use your next day of business.

Pressure Washing in Dallas and More

Disinfection Services:

In consideration of and in response to the recent COVID-19​ outbreak, we offer a disinfection service for any size common area. We use an electrostatic sprayer that evenly covers all hard non-porous areas to eliminate many forms of virus, bacteria, and fungi including the COVID-19 virus. The service is quick and easy with a small dwell time of 10 minutes required for proper disinfection.

Pressure Washing:

We are equipped to do jobs for pressure washing in Fort Worth indoors and outdoors. We have recovery water waste equipment. This allows us to work in areas that do not allow free flow of water waste. Our maintenance includes parking lots, sidewalks, garbage collection areas, building restorations (brick cleaning), and more. You need it clean? We will do it.

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