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Miracle Cleaning Services offers a professional kitchen exhaust cleaning and Kitchen hood cleaning services whose goal is to keep your hood clean and shiny! A clean exhaust system provides a series of important safety benefits for those in the food service industry.

The National Fire Association and the Underwriter Laboratory have established that the accumulation of grease in the exhaust system is a fire hazard. When we remove this accumulation during our cleaning process, the risk is greatly eliminated.

By keeping your exhaust system free of the accumulation of grease your equipment will work properly. This will help with your electrical bill and the durability of your equipment. In addition, you personnel on staff will work in a safe environment, free of smoke. 

We are certified vent-a-hood cleaners. We use the most advance equipment available in the kitchen exhaust industry for vent a hood cleaning in Fort worth and surrounding counties   and Dallas including steam pressure washer machines.

We pride ourselves on keeping personal contact with our customers at all times. You will not have 

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Vent A Hood Cleaning in Dallas/Fort Worth area.

to worry about when it is time to clean your system. As a courtesy to our customers, we contact you when your system is due for a cleaning and schedule it at your convenience at a time that will not interfere with you regular business hours. Anthony Hamilton, owner of the company, or his representative will be at the cleaning site at all times and will contact or visit you after the cleaning to ensure your satisfaction.

Certification and Credentials
*Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialists
*Equipped to handle the most complicated systems

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